I’m Alexandra Preisz, founder and designer of Sofié & Celine.

Coming from the fashion industry and styling, with a background in art and design, I wanted to create a brand that was not only fun, but inclusive of all walks of life that made everyone feel unique.

Named after my two younger sisters - Isabella Celine and Sofie Juliette. They are my best friends and the inspiration of why I created this brand.

I strive to inspire and create empowerment within the community of creatives and artisans. Sofie & Celine is not limited to any gender, race, sexuality, or ethnic background and is supportive of your journey of self-expression and play.

Every piece is made & designed with intention & love. The pieces all have a story and bring a different element to your own personal style. Gold designs and vintage finds for whatever sparks your joy. Thank you for supporting me as I am here to support each and every one of you.

with love,